junior partner looks after children aged from 6 months to 6 years
according to the pedagogic approach of the family therapist Jesper Juul:
each child is treated individually and with equal status. In a relationship between
equals the ideas, reactions, feelings, self-image, dreams and inner reality
of the child is taken just as seriously as those of the adult –
and appropriately taken into account. The child becomes a co-shaper of
its own world under the guidance of the adults.

From birth onwards, people build up their own picture of things by deliberately
exploring their environment. junior partner kindergartens provide:

  • _ an environment full of stimuli that are inspiring and inviting,
  • _ numerous relationships between the children and with adults,
  • _ relaxing rituals and limiting structures that offer safety and security,
  • _ the sensitive company of cheerful adults.

Children can get to know the most varied of interrelationships at junior partner themselves,
one-by-one. They collect a wide variety of experiences and find their own answers.
That we let them do this strengthens their trust in themselves. They find their own
personal way to express their experiences and impressions and communicate.
Their motivation teaches them to follow up stimuli and act. The success that they achieve
themselves in this way feeds the positive self-image of the children.

Whereby junior partner builds upon the psychological fact that the only learning content
that significantly influences behaviour must be discovered and acquired for oneself.
Thus children learn to trust their inner “guidance