junior partner considers establishments for looking after children
to be a natural expansion of the family, and immediately and closely connected with it.
In our kindergartens, working parents are supported as individually as possible.
We show them new ways to harmonise fulfilled family and working lives.

Parents have a variety of opportunities to participate in kindergarten life.
They can arrange to visit their children, for example to spend their lunch break together.
They can also spend the day with us. If a child is ill we can look after it on request.
We have special rooms for tending sick children appropriately.

Personal contacts both between the parents and with the carers create
the opportunity to exchange experiences with one another. Lively communication is firmly
anchored in the junior partner concept in order to generate a climate of mutual
inspiration on topics such as nurturing children, children themselves,
development and family.

In addition, we support parents with a wide range of activities:
we provide help on current topics in the form of regular inspiration evenings,
workshops and individual consultations. Participation is free-of-charge.

Each child builds up an especially close relationship with a particular
person in junior partner kindergartens. This employee acts as an immediate contact
for the child and its parents. A binding relationship grows between the carer,
the child and the parents, in which an active exchange takes place between equals
regarding wishes, ideas and experiences.

The responsible carer at junior partner is an active initiator for necessary adaptations
and changes in interrelationships within the establishment, as well as in contacts
with the family. This always takes place with the aim of creating an optimum
growth-encouraging environment for all participants.