Those who work in junior partner kindergartens are selected with great care.
Every appointment is based upon the professional qualifications of the pedagogues
and carers. Other criteria also play a decisive role. These include personality,
management competence in the sense of relationships between equals 
as expounded by Jesper Juul, communication skills within teams and with parents,
readiness to become personally involved, interest in constantly questioning oneself
and developing further, strong motivation and well-developed initiative.

Professional competence in relationships, as required in junior partner kindergartens,
involves the following prerequisite

  • _ seeing each child according to its own attitudes,
  • _ adapting one’s own behaviour and leadership accordingly,
  • _ being authentic during contact,
  • _ taking on complete responsibility for the quality of the relationship.

Following their practical basic training, all employees receive deeper training
that is co-ordinated with their individual professional needs and serves their professional
development and personal growth. There is a compulsory range of specialist
and personal training, and regular supervision sessions,
as well as individual and team coaching. Whereby the emphasis is on
the quality of the relationship.

This ensures that the entire team’s extremely high standards of performance
and work are repeatedly re-created and can be maintained: the basis for a relaxed,
caring and overall beneficial atmosphere for employees, children and parents.