The idea for junior partner came after
the birth of my son Kaspar in 2005.
The books of
Jesper Juul permanently
changed my own behaviour and my
relationship with Kaspar.

Attending a seminar given by Jesper Juul
intensified Jutta Maria Stark’s interest
in the development of children.
junior partner started to take form
after a lot of research and intensive
discussions. Together with Jesper Juul
and Marion Tielemann, Jutta Maria Stark
developed a feasible practical concept
for junior partner.

Whereby experience gained during Jutta Maria Stark’s professional development
were also exploited. Before starting junior partner in 2007, she had had a highly varied career.
Creative concepts, organisational precision and intensive communication were among
the core competences of her activities. Born in Ludwigshafen in 1969, and having attended
school there too, Jutta Maria Stark trained as a seamstress after studying economics.

Entrepreneurial and strategic thinking were an everyday part of her work
as a product manager in the textile sector. Her task when planning and advising
on major events was to develop ideas, communicate them comprehensibly
and present them in a realisable form.