Marion Tielemann made a major contribution towards designing the binding pedagogic structure for the work in junior partner kindergartens. This structure serves as a framework within which the particular manager sets up the everyday system in accordance with personal preferences. Marion Tielemann checks on the working day in junior partner kindergartens to ensure that the high pedagogic demands are implemented, all those involved develop in line with the defined aims, and that suitable colleagues are found.

Marion Tielemann runs an establishment for the daily caring of about 120 children.
The training and further education of pedagogues, among other things, takes place here.
Over the years, she and her team have consistently developed further. The carer,
and psychological consultant for individual families and schools, has many years’ experience
as the manager of day nurseries, as well as in pedagogy for special circumstances.
Marion Tielemann also offers supervision in the training of adults, as well as teaching
and learning advice in day nurseries and schools, though the main focus of her
work remains the immediate contact with children.

Marion Tielemann developed the Learning Workshop in day nurseries in 1993:
a structured collection of materials allowing children about to enter school to work out
individual potential solutions for themselves. This takes place through inquisitiveness,
and according to their needs, independence and creativity. Whereby pedagogues adopt an
accompanying, observing and empathic manner. This encouraging learning atmosphere
sustainably enhances the joy of learning and the self-confidence of children.