Enhanced attractiveness

A junior partner kindergarten increases a company’s attractiveness
because it is designed to meet differing needs: those of the children as well
as of the parents who combine family and work. Such availability is a definite plus
point when recruiting qualified employees.

Qualification instead of fluctuation

Family-friendly junior partner availability reduces employee fluctuation,
thus cutting the costs involved in repeatedly having to recruit new qualified personnel.
Over time, more expertise is available to the company thanks to the experience
gained over many years. Investments in training and further education
also remain within the company.

Fewer working days lost

The conditions that junior partner creates ease the double burden of all employees
who have children. The time spent before returning to work is reduced, illness levels fall,
and therefore fewer working days are lost. Hitherto unexploited potentials
are thus activated.

Increased productivity

The result is a better working climate and increased productivity.
Satisfied parents work better, are more motivated, concentrate better and
thus work more effectively.

Learning soft skills

A family is the best management seminar. Competences such as independence,
reliability, organisational skill, willingness to learn, readiness to act, the ability to cope
with pressure, flexibility, conflict-handling skills and communication
are learnt within the family.