Economic dynamism and social change make great demands of all involved.
Family and work are the most important areas of life.
Harmonising them without friction is a major task – for society and for businesses.

Qualified and creative people are the most important resources for economic success.
They are attracted and motivated by a corporate culture that does not solely
consider the immediate working environment but also takes into account other influences.
Family-friendly measures support long-term relationships, from which both
employees and the company benefit.

The harmonisation of personal and professional life planning is of greater importance
for qualified and performance-oriented people. Young mothers and fathers
want to return to their careers early, but only if their children are dependably
and individually cared for.

Up to now, more than 40 per cent of all working women in Germany
fail to return to their jobs after their parenting period. The report "Children and careers"?,
produced for the German government and the Bertelsmann Foundation,
examined the segment of more demanding professional activity.
One recommendation for businesses is to create on-site infrastructure for looking
after and educating children. 

junior partner co-operates with companies that understand that a high level of employee
satisfaction is a prerequisite for high-quality performance and are aware of the positive energy that a lively family life provides.

Whereby junior partner supports the working parents of a company as individually
as possible and shows how they can lead fulfilled professional and family lives.
The pedagogic approach of Jesper Juul is one of the central principles of the concept:
personal responsibility ultimately enables the parents to combine both areas of life constructively.