junior partner develops kindergartens for companies;
operates them according to the pedagogic approach of equality developed
by Jesper Juul; constructs, owns and runs them.

junior partner is a service provider offering an all-inclusive range of performance.
Partial provision of our service is possible in individual cases, e.g. for the further
development of an existing establishment.

Our procedure is highly individual and is oriented upon the culture,
structure and current need of the particular company and its employees.
We provide:

1. Advice

Needs and costs analyses; research on possibility of receiving public grants;
information on structural and legal prerequisites; clarification of the pedagogic requirements
and needs; support in concrete planning.

2. Conception

Pedagogic concept according to the age structure of the children, individual needs
and personal preferences; spatial design; budgets.

3. Planning

Overall project planning; planning and realisation of renovations and conversions;
budget monitoring.

4. Management

Ownership of the establishment; finding, selecting and managing all personnel.

junior partner collaborates with professional partner companies in particular areas,
offering wide-ranging experience in architecture, legal and financial matters, for example.